Whimsy Garden Decor  

by Jane Mari
Handmade in Maple Grove, Minnesota

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About Whimsy Garden Decor

We have always been avid gardeners and before we began our business we had bought our share of outdoor garden decorations. Most never made it through even one season before we tossed it out due to fading, rusting, falling apart and general poor quality. Replacing it year after year was really getting expensive. We never agreed with the thought that if it is for outdoors that the quality doesn't matter. We knew that we could do it better, handmade in the USA with the best quality and competitive prices . So we began to create long lasting garden decor. We worked hard on offering items that would last for years and years. And guess what? Our customers appreciate the quality. It can also be given with confidence as a gift knowing that it can be enjoyed for many many years. With the guidance of what our customer wants, we have been able to create our own nitch in outdoor garden decor and we are proud of each item we offer. We enjoy our jobs immensely and are lucky that our garden loving customers are simply the best.

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